Faith Integration in the Classroom: A Plural View

  • Emmett Dulaney
  • Marvin O. Bates
  • Patricia E. Berg
  • Barry Forbes
  • Rebecca M. Gunn
  • Richard Koontz
  • Amber M. Mathern
  • Kelly C. Mullen
  • John F. Strifler
  • Bradley J. Thomas


The topic of faith integration has been of interest to the higher education community for almost two centuries. Ten professors from ten different business schools collaborated during a Best Practices in College Teaching course to discuss faith integration, its importance in Christian universities, and ideas on implementation. Their writings on the topic were combined to form a guide to operationalizing faith integration. The resulting article seeks to demonstrate the imperative nature of integration within religious universities, focusing on schools of business. Practical ways of incorporating faith are also discussed, including three dimensions of integration. Assessment ideas and project proposals are included as well to aid professors in implementation.
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DulaneyE., BatesM. O., BergP. E., ForbesB., GunnR. M., KoontzR., MathernA. M., MullenK. C., StriflerJ. F., & ThomasB. J. (1). Faith Integration in the Classroom: A Plural View. Christian Business Academy Review, 10. Retrieved from
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