The Briarwood Ballet: An Artistic Expansion

  • Karin Schnarr Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Kathryn Henrique
  • Chad Carson Samford University


Synopsis: Briarwood Ballet in Birmingham, Alabama, was a non-profit organization that provided classical ballet and contemporary dance classes under a mission of spreading the Christian gospel through dance. In late 2015 Executive Director Peggy Townes was considering whether Briarwood Ballet should attempt to target a wider, more secular audience through additional performances. A move in this direction would have administrative, artistic, staffing, and financial implications. It could also heighten the tension between the religious mission of the organization and Peggy’s desire to have Briarwood Ballet be viewed as a professional ballet troupe with quality equal to that of secular dance companies. Research Methodology: This field case was written based on first-person interviews conducted over a period of four months (January to April, 2015) with follow-up interviews (October and December, 2015). These interviews were conducted both in person and over the phone, with follow-up information provided through email. In addition, Briarwood Ballet provided source documents, including financial, marketing, and administrative material. The case authors also used the company’s external website ( as a source of information as well as secondary sources to gain insight into the overall industry and the Birmingham community. None of the information provided in the case is disguised. Relevant Courses and Levels: This case would be most appropriate for capstone courses in strategic/general management for undergraduate students. It would also be highly applicable for specialized business courses in nonprofit management and arts management. It can be positioned early on in a strategic management course to help students get familiar with case analysis while focusing on the role of a mission in an organization. It is designed to be used in a 75-90-minute class. Theoretical Basis: This case is focused on the role of mission and vision in nonprofits as linked to strategic analysis and planning. It builds on a number of theoretical models related to mission analysis and strategy creation as outlined in detail in the instructor’s manual.

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