Case Study: Honor and Remember

  • Timothy A. O. Redmer
  • Gary Roberts


George Lutz is the father of Tony Lutz who was killed in action in Iraq approximately three years ago. George has been dealing with the grief of losing a son in battle and trying to find a way to bring honor to his son’s death and others who have died in battle. He was surprised to learn that 1.6 million of our country’s finest service men and women have died in battle since the founding of our country. He was equally surprised to learn that there has never been an official symbol to honor and remember the ultimate sacrifice of these heroes. George has come upon an idea to develop a flag specifically honoring and remembering the fallen heroes. He believes he would have to develop a not-for-profit organization to support this national movement. However, he is just one individual, with limited personal and financial resources, who has never worked in the not-for-profit arena. George does not have the expertise or knowledge on how to conduct such an extensive endeavor. The dilemma facing George is how to bring honor to our American heroes while at the same time not setting himself up for possible failure by taking on a movement which could quickly become much greater than he is capable of handling.

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