The Distinctives of the Christian Scholar

  • Jake Aguas


Christian scholars conduct quantitative research using many of the same standards and methodologies as those who operate from a secular or non-faith-based perspective. There is considerable overlap—so much so that it can often be difficult to differentiate between each when evaluating their praxis from the surface. However, one only needs to dive deeper into the research process to find the source of the Christian scholar’s purpose and methodology, as they apply their values based on a biblical worldview. This essay explores the theologically based distinctives of a Christian scholar conducting quantitative research. In simpler terms, the essay investigates the “why,” also known as the purpose, behind the research conducted and the “how,” the integrity (ethical standards and practices) embedded in the methodology of the research of the Christian scholar. These characteristics elevate the Christian researcher’s quantitative praxis to a higher, God-honoring standard.

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