Case Study: Herr Foods Inc.

  • Timothy A. O. Redmer


This case takes a unique inside look into the issues and decision process facing a company in the snack-food industry at a time of increased scrutiny regarding the health issues of certain foods, diets, and lifestyles. The fast-food industry already appears to be a target of interest, and actions have begun by fast-food companies and markets to counteract public perception. Will the snack-food industry encounter the same challenges? Do companies need to be taking a proactive or wait-and-see approach to the health and lifestyle related issues? Herr Foods top management, with a particular emphasis in the marketing and operations area, have been addressing the health food issue with a continuous review of their product line, operating procedures, new product development, and marketing strategies. A decision needs to be made by top management regarding the introduction of more health sensitive snack foods.

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